SFB 134 Team

Georg Brabant, Jannik Prasuhn, Meike Kasten, Eva-Juliane Vollstedt, Wiebke Hansen, Julien Roß, Siegmar, Brinkmann, Ulrike Krämer, Estelle Kleefisch, Martje Pauly

Co-PIs: Ulrike Krämer, Georg Brabant, Jens Brüning, Christine Klein

Doctoral students: Siegmar Brinkmann, Wiebke Hansen, Katja Moormann, Estelle Kleefisch, Julien Ross, Katja Hückelheim, Stefanie Bobach

Students (research assistants): Michelle Gurth, Martje Pauly, Madlen Mitzinger, Mohammad – Reza H. Savakouhi, Svenja Haeger

We receive funding for projects by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the University of Luebeck.

Our research group is connected to other epidemiological research groups worldwide as well as to the Institutes of Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health within our University. For past projects and in a current validation study of a newly developed Parkinson disease risk factor questionnaire, we collaborate with Prof. C. Tanner (The Parkinson’s Institute, USA) and Dr. C. Marras (Toronto Western Hospital, Canada).

Our most recently started, large project is to establish a cohort to examine hedonic eating behavior in the context of the newly funded SFB-TR 134. This interdisciplinary project benefits from all experiences with our Epipark cohort although the research focus differs.