Norbert Brüggemann, MD

Clinical Neurogenetics and Neuroimaging

Norbert Brüggemann, Sophia Lammers, Johanna Junker, Felicitas Lemmer, Henrike Hanssen, Vera Tadic, Robert Strautz
Team: Norbert Brüggemann, MD; Sophia Lammers; Johanna Junker, MD; Felicitas Lemmer; Henrike Hanssen;Vera Tadic, MD; Robert Strautz The research group ‘Clinical Neurogenetics and Neuroimaging’ is interested in diagnostic, pathophysiological and therapeutic aspects of movement disorders. A special focus is placed to genetic forms of dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. Monogenic forms of movement disorders provide the unique advantage that disease mechanisms can be studied in a more homogeneous group of patients. In addition, investigating non-manifesting mutation carriers provides knowledge on disease stages that precede the onset of motor manifestations of movement disorders. This is particularly relevant for Parkinson’s disease where neurodegeneration occurs long before the first motor symptoms become obvious. With regard to therapeutic interventions, we are interested in the mode of action of deep brain stimulation.

Research methods:

  • Clinical test batteries to address motor and non-motor features of movement disorders
  • Structural and functional MR imaging
  • Transcranial sonography
  • Optic coherence tomography in collaboration with the eye hospital
  • Movement analysis
  • Microelectrode recordings during surgery for deep brain stimulation