Jannik Prasuhn, MD, receives the “Parkinson Fellowship” scholarship of the Thiemann Foundation

Congratulations to Dr. med Jannik Prasuhn, who received the Thiemann Foundation fellowship, the so-called “Parkinson Fellowship” aims in this respect to fill a gap in the research of neurodegenerative diseases and has been awarded annually since 2015.

The foundation has already supported several highly qualified award recipients, fascinating research endeavors, and educational publications, and it will continue to do so in the future:
The goal of the 60,000 euro endowment is to encourage excellent young scientists (under the age of 40) in their ability to broaden their research horizons at a specialist clinical institution in Germany or abroad.
According to the German Society for Neurology, the Parkinson Fellowship is the “biggest research reward in the field of neurodegenerative illnesses endowed from private donations” (DGN).