Sebastian Löns, MD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Name: Sebastian Löns

Date of Birth: November 15th, 1983

Place of Birth: Hannover, Germany

Position: Resident and Research fellow at the Department of Paediatric and adult Movement Disorders and Neuropsychiatry, Institute of Neurogenetics

Address: Institute of Neurogenetics and Department of Paediatric and adult Movement Disorders and Neuropsychiatry, University of Lübeck

Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23538 Lübeck, Germany

Phone: +49-451-3101 8229; Fax: +49-451-3101 8225

2005-2011: Medical School (Goettingen, Germany) including elective periods abroad:

  • University de Caen (Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Dermatology 2009)

2008-2009: Medical thesis (Laboratory of Aging and Cognitive Diseases, André Fischer, European Neuroscience Institute, Goettingen: “Epigenetics in schizophrenia and influence on working memory”

2010 – 2011: Final year studies (Neurology, Oldenburg, Germany; Surgery Sydney, Australia, Internal Medicine, Oldenburg, Germany)

2012 – 2016: Resident at the Department of Neurology, Medical School Hannover, Germany

2016 – present: Resident and research fellow at the and Department of paediatric and adult Movement Disorders and Neuropsychiatry, Institute of Neurogenetics, Luebeck, Germany

2011- Physicians General License

2008: Gö4Med Stipend (medical thesis funding)

  • German Society of Neurology
  • Movement Disorder Society

 Research networks:

  • Dystonia Coalition (USA)
  • DysTract German Dystonia Research Consortium
  • European Reference Networks – Rare Neurological Diseases
  1. Olschewski L, Jesús S, Kim HJ, Tunc S, Löns S, Junker J, Zeuner KE, Kühn AA, Kuhlenbäumer G, Schäffer E, Berg D, Kasten M, Ferbert A, Altenmüller E, Brüggemann N, Bauer P, Rolfs A, Jeon B, Bäumer T, Mir P, Klein C, Lohmann K. Role of ANO3 mutations in dystonia: A large-scale mutational screening study. Parkinsonism Relat Disord 2019:196-200.
  2. Weissbach A, Werner E, Bally JF, Tunc S, Löns S, Timmann D, Zeuner KE, Tadic V, Brüggemann N, Lang A, Klein C, Münchau A, Bäumer T. Alcohol improves cerebellar learning deficit in myoclonus-dystonia: A clinical and electrophysiological investigation. Ann Neurol 2017;4:543-553.