The Institute of Neurogenetics Welcomes Dr. Andona Milovanovic

We are extending a very warm welcome to Dr. Andona Milovanovic, a neurology resident from Belgrade, Serbia who just joined the Institute of Neurogenetics for a 5-month-long research visit. 

Dr. Milovanovic works at the Neurology Clinic, University Clinical Center of Serbia in the field of neurodegenerative diseases with the team led by Prof. Dr. Vladimir S. Kostic. In addition, she is enrolled in PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Natasa Dragasevic Miskovic. Her research focuses on movement disorders, mostly cerebellar ataxias with genetic and immunological causes. Working at the intersection between clinical and basic research, Dr. Milovanovic is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of her patients, and she is enthusiastic about broadening her knowledge of neurogenetics and contributing to the advancement of this important field.

Thus, she endeavors to resolve the genetic causes of hereditary cerebellar ataxias among patients from Serbia by genetic analysis of repeat expansion disorders (in collaboration with Prof. Lohmann) and whole-exome sequencing (together with Prof. Klein and PD Dr. Westenberger).