Innovating Parkinson’s Research: Alicia Wenghöfer’s NIH Internship Advances DNA Sequencing Methods

From March to June 2024, Alicia Wenghöfer, BSc, Research Technologist, carried out an internship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Maryland, USA, as part of the Global Parkinson´s Genetics Program GP2. Within her 3-month stay, Alicia learned new methods of processing human DNA samples and generating long-read sequencing data to better understand the genetic architecture of Parkinson-related disorders.

At NIH, Alicia had the opportunity to develop a protocol called ‘Processing frozen archival human DNA samples for population-scale SQK-LSK114 Oxford Nanopore long-read DNA sequencing SOP' that describes the processing of archival human DNA samples into long-read sequencing DNA data. This protocol facilitates the comparison between generated data of fresh-extracted DNA and archived-frozen DNA, especially across different laboratories.