Name: Max Borsche

Date of Birth: April 23rd, 1989

Place of Birth: Siegburg, Germany

Position/Title: Clinician scientist at the Institute of Neurogenetics and Department of Neurology, University of Lübeck

Address: Institute of Neurogenetics and Department of Neurology, University of Lübeck
Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23538 Lübeck, Germany

Phone: +49-451-31018215; Fax: +49-451-31018225

2009 – 2017: Medical school (University of Lübeck, Research Center Borstel, Bürgerspital Solothurn (University of Bern))
2012 – present: Medical Thesis (in progress; Institute of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology, University of Bonn; ,The role of specific antigen presenting cells in the pathogenesis of experimental cerebral malaria (ECM)’)

2017 – present: Research fellowship at the Institute of Neurogenetics, University of Lübeck, Germany

2018 – present: Resident, Department of Neurology, University of Lübeck, Germany

2017: Schleswig-Holstein College of Physicians General License

2019: ‚DGN Video Prize’ for movement disorders of the German Neurological Society (DGN)

  • German Society of Neurology
  • Movement Disorder Society
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