XDP Workshop: 10 Years of Clinical and Research Collaboration in XDP Neurogenetics

The Institute of Neurogenetics at the University of Lübeck is elated to extend an invitation for you to join us as we celebrate not only a decade of unwavering dedication and innovation at our special XDP Workshop but also honor the robust Filipino-German collaboration that has been pivotal in driving forward the advances in XDP Neurogenetics. Over the past ten years, clinicians, researchers, and specialists from both nations have synergized their expertise, leading to monumental strides and groundbreaking discoveries.

This event underscores a decade of exceptional and highly successful bilateral collaboration. The workshop will traverse a diverse spectrum of clinical and basic science topics, presenting riveting new data and findings emanating from this unique alliance.

Dates: September 1st and 2nd, 2023
Location: BMF Building 67, 4th Floor Conference Room, University of Lübeck

For a comprehensive overview of the program and the various topics that will be delved into during the workshop, please download the PDF program here.