Multidisciplinary X-linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism (XDP) Workshop


The idea for holding an interdisciplinary meeting on X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism (XDP) sprang from the long-term scientific interest of the XDP Study Group of the Philippines and the Institute of Neurogenetics. Although joint research efforts initially centered on genetic studies and expression profiling, it became obvious that a wider
and more integrated approach is vital for the further advancement of the XDP field. Therefore, as new ideas emerged from the preliminary results, both groups began to expand their frontiers and completed a first prospective clinical trial on deep brain stimulation in XDP, embedded in a multimodal imaging and electrophysiology research study. This was accomplished with the help from a large number of local and international colleagues, who are experts in various medical, biological, and statistical disciplines. The workshop brought together >30 colleagues of diverse scientific backgrounds and from many different countries. It was composed of short presentations (“data blitzes”), as well as discussion forums, with the over-arching goal of identifying current progress and developing further research questions and short- and long-term scientific
aims for the study of XDP.

We would like to thank the Fritz Thyssen Foundation for the generous support of the meeting.

Welcome to the photo gallery of the XDP workshop in Lübeck!


Meeting itinerary