Name: Frida Mandik

Position/Title: PhD Student/Master of Science

Address: Institute of Neurogenetics, University of Lübeck, Maria-Goeppert-Str. 1, 23560 Lübeck, Germany

Phone: +49-451-3101 8201; Fax: +49 451 3101-8204

2012-2015: Studies of Biology at the University of Hamburg

2015: Bachelor Thesis (Laboratory of Prof PhD Julia Kehr, Molecular Plant Genetics, University Hamburg; “Characterization of the Knotted-1 Homeobox”

2015-2017: Studies of Molecular Plant Science at the University of Hamburg

2017: Master Thesis (Laboratory of Prof PhD Stefan Hoth, Molecular Plant Physiology, University Hamburg; Supervision Jun. Prof PhD Wim Walter “In-Vivo and In-Vitro Analyses of the Putative Microtubule Stabilizing MAP AtMPB2C”

2016 – present: Doctoral Thesis (Laboratory of Prof MD Christine Klein, Working Group: Drosophila Models of Movement Disorders Supervision: PhD Melissa Vos)